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About Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky, it has to be produced in Scotland. The Scottish have internationally protected this term to ensure that whiskies that are made outside of Scotland are not called Scotch. While excellent whiskies are made by similar methods in other countries, they cannot be called Scotch whisky.

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Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label — Beautiful golden/amber color. On the nose: subtle sweetness, honey, caramel, vanilla. The aroma is incredibly deep and slightly oaky, mossy almost. In the mouth it has some smokiness, with some good spice and heat as well. Stone fruits are present, apricots and peaches. Really lovely. you will find at Reisterstown Wine located near Owings Mills Maryland

Glenfiddich Winter Storm

The third in the Experimental Series of expressions from the world’s most popular single malt, Glenfiddich Winter Storm is a 21-year-old whisky finished for six months in French oak casks previously used to mature Peller Estate icewine in Niagara, Canada.


Still made up and down the country, there are now several different regions that are proud to produce true Scotch. The Highlands, however, is the biggest region that produces Whisky. This is thanks to the vast number of distilleries that are spread throughout the region, all creating and selling their own take on what makes for an amazing bottle of Scotch.

One of these distilleries is Old Pulteney. The most northern distillery of the Scottish mainland, there is something truly special about the Scotch whisky that this particular place can create. A powerful and flavorsome single malt, the amazing bottles produced from Old Pulteney have been crowned award winners in a number of categories, just showcasing how amazing they are!

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